3 Big Strategies (that work) to Attract Clients in 2019

One day only…April 11 in Phoenix, AZ…Live all-day workshop with Steve Roller and Alex Branning…

Is getting good clients confusing? It doesn’t have to be…

The bottom-line question I get more than any other from Cafe Writer members:

“How do I get attention, get clients, and keep clients, in an increasingly noisy marketplace?”

My short answer: It’s not as complicated as a lot of people make it out to be.

My longer (one-day) answer and solution:

  • Discover client-acquisition strategies that are working now.
  • Figure out exactly how to apply them to your situation (we’ll help you with this).
  • Take action.

Join us for a one-day event like no other…

The Event:

3 Big Strategies (that work) to Attract Clients in 2019

The Purpose:

Help you get better clients, bigger projects, and more clients who stay.

The Itinerary:

Each session is 35 minutes long with a 15 minute Q&A immediately following the training:

“Hot 150 System”

Relationship Marketing at its best. Learn how to connect with your ideal clients, establish rapport, have great conversations, and get them on board.

Email is Not Dead!

How to grow, nurture, and profit from a home-grown organic email list. (Bonus: Cold Email subject lines and templates that still work well in 2019.)

Authority Marketing

Attracting high-quality clients even if you don’t consider yourself an “expert.”

Facebook Ads

You can attract your ideal clients using Facebook Ads, and offer it as a service to your clients. Learn what works (and what doesn’t)

“Video Domino”

Video has been proven to work as a delivery method to connect to your audience. You’ll be taking notes as you learn the “Video Domino” marketing strategy


After each session you’ll have an opportunity to ask the presenter your questions.

Meet Steve Roller

Steve is the author of The Freelancer Manifesto: 11 Big Ideas to stand out and thrive in the New Economy, and the founder of the Cafe Writer community, which includes a Facebook group of over 9,500 and a private membership group.

Through one-on-one and group coaching for the past seven years, and 14 live events he’s hosted, Steve has helped hundreds of copywriters and small business people build their businesses and increase their income.

“Happy story! I just landed a full-time Senior Copywriter position with Ramit Sethi at IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com. This puts me on track to at least DOUBLE my income this year.

As far as I’m concerned, the breadcrumb trail that led me to this position started with Steve. I’m very happy about my decision to attend his event.”

– Anton Volney, Midas Touch Copywriting, LLC

Anton came back to a second Steve Roller event last fall, and has since added Tony Robbins as a client.

Leanne Rumsey came to an event in Santa Fe and said:

“The experience with this small group was nothing short of a high-level mastermind or brainstorming event that other people would have paid tens of thousands of dollars to participate in and attend.”

Don’t worry. We’re not charging thousands for this one-day event, although we briefly considered it. More on that in a minute…

Meet Alex Branning

Alex is a digital marketer based in Redding, CA. He hosts a marketing podcast, runs an agency that serves over 300 clients worldwide, and has been an active member in the Cafe since 2016. He has a ton of experience generating leads for B2B clients.

“I just got off the phone with Alex, and his knowledge, generosity, and kindness is amazing. He is a person who wants to see you succeed; to serve and to be of assistance. Thanks, Alex.”

– Jafar K.

“Alex is amazing and extremely knowledgeable. Such a huge help on all of my marketing needs. He patiently answered all of my questions and checked in on my just to see how things were going.”

– Tracey H.

Takeaway From the Day:

You’ll get proven strategies that are working now, that you can easily implement and get quick results with.

Your new picture afterward: a solidly booked-up schedule in the near future, with clients who appreciate you and pay you well.


Phoenix, Arizona, at the Aloft, a Marriott Hotel.

First of all, it’s Arizona in early April. What’s not to like about that? Take an extra day or two and head up to Sedona or the Grand Canyon for the weekend.

The Aloft Hotel is only a mile from Sky Harbor International Airport, and they have a free shuttle, so no need to rent a car.

We’ll be going from 9 am to 5 pm, and you’ll get a detailed itinerary after registering.

If you plan to stay the night of April 10 or 11, we’ve arranged a special room block rate of only $129/night at the Aloft. Reserve your room by March 28 here to get that rate.

Reserve Now!

The Price:

Steve’s three-day Big Ideas Retreats are $1,495, but we wanted to make this affordable for everyone. We’re also not taking Leanne’s suggestion to charge a mastermind rate.

The cost for 3 Big Strategies (that work) to Attract Clients in 2019 is only $197, and that includes lunch.

Bonus VIP Dinner:

Limited seating! Steve Roller and Alex Branning will be sitting down at an intimate dinner with a few of the attendees, giving business coaching during the dinner and answering questions.

This is limited seating, once it’s sold out this option will be removed. The VIP dinner is an additional $100.