About Membership

Welcome to the Cafe!

We’re so glad you’re here and we hope you’ll stay to enjoy all the cafe has to offer with your access to either the Premier or VIP membership areas.

Now, you may be wondering about the differences between the Premier, VIP, and High Roller High Performance, and Business Mastery levels of membership.

You’ll find detailed information below…

Have you ever noticed it is sometimes helpful to identify what you don’t want in order to gain even more clarity about what you do want?

Well, we’ve been carefully building the CafeWriter membership perks and benefits based on this type of fantastic feedback from fellow cafe members.

Many of the members have been with the Café since the beginning – the early adopters – and they have helped shape the membership areas into what they are — and what they are not today. Here are a few clarifying statements from our members about what this membership is not:

  • Not your typical membership site where people log-in and click around, download stuff, and then forget they downloaded it in the first place.
  • Not the kind membership site which harasses members into buying additional (or, ahem, duplicate) ‘how to’ courses.
  • Not one of those public online discussion boards where high quality business conversations can be derailed by one angry troll.
  • Not anything like unorganized Facebook Groups in which Facebook has decided they think they know best when considering what to serve-up in your news feed.

And no matter how hard you look, you will never ever find any sort of certifications or cheesy badges anywhere in CafeWriter.

Now, imagine a place where you can reach-out for help when pricing a project or dealing with a difficult client, request a copy critique, or get answers to your questions … fast … pretty much anytime day or night. What would it mean to you to have access to a professional yet friendly environment where you can tap into the collective wisdom of a group of serious entrepreneurs interested in building businesses.

CafeWriter is that place.

Because CafeWriter is first and foremost a community; a gathering spot where members actively engage in lively – respectfully moderated – discussions.

No fluff.

No trolls.

And no badges.
…”We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”

Between the Premier and VIP members plus the support team, chances are one or more of us has already tackled a similar business challenge, or already answered similar questions, and will gladly offer genuine support to help you reframe, think-through, or otherwise better clarify your questions in order to help you arrive at your own best answer.

CafeWriter is, indeed, a special place.

Bottom line, the community forum alone is worth more than the price of admission.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to what some of our members are saying about membership and the forum:

“The connections I’ve made through the Copywriter Cafe have really been helpful. Surprisingly, the biggest thing it helped me with was a non-work-related issue a few months ago that was impacting my work life. I made a comment about it in the Cafe, and Steve read about it and reached out to me.”

~ Julia Borgini, Freelance Copywriter & Head Geek, Spacebarpress.com

“Through the Copywriter Café, a library of archived articles, and individualized coaching sessions, Steve sets aside time to help propel the careers of other writers. If you’re interested in developing a strong and prosperous copywriting business, I recommend that you ‘roll into success with Steve Roller’!”

~ Melanie Garrett, copywriter at Prize Copy and author of “Under His Helmet”

In addition to the forum, your benefits of Premier Membership also includes access to the well-stocked resource library where you have unlimited access to:

  • Information tailored to finding, closing, and keeping clients.
  • Ideas to best package the personal brand of You.
  • Fill in the blank templates for a variety of sales scripts, customer persona worksheets, customer ascension ladders (we try to stay away from the trendy ‘funnel’ speak as much as possible), and more.
  • Detailed pricing information and formulas best suited to those of you who are just starting out.
  • How to use a list broker.
  • Best practices related to building your own list from scratch.
  • 47-Ways to Kill Trolls.
  • Priority access to upcoming 70-day Sprint Virtual Events.

Sounds great, Steve! Sign me up for Premier Membership Now!

Premier plan is a perfect fit for you if:

  • You have recently started a business.
  • You are going to start a business within the next few months.
  • You’ve not yet landed, or have recently landed, your first few clients.
  • Your main business or source of self-employment income is more of a ‘side-hustle’ at this point in time. Note: There is nothing wrong with a side-hustle. We love side-hustles. In fact, many Cafe members have multiple ‘side-hustles’ bringing in multiple streams of revenue.
  • Your business income is less than or hovers around the $25K USD per year.
  • You feel unsure about how to brand your own unique package of “You” and your services.
  • You may be uncomfortable ‘selling’ or ‘closing’ your products or services over the phone.
  • You are struggling with “Imposter Syndrome“ feeling like a fraud – doubting yourself (we’ve all been there – and we can help you address this).

What do you say? Are you ready to join and take action to build your own business rather than being a copywriter for hire?

Yes! I’m Ready to Join Premier Membership Now!

VIP Level

The VIP Level of membership is best suited for members who have been in business for some time and are generating at least $25k USD per year strictly from business activities / self-employment income.

The VIP group is all about taking your existing business to the next level.

Say no more, Steve. I’m ready to join VIP Membership!

Please note: We will never ask you to divulge any financial information. If you are bringing in less than the above mentioned 25k, but believe you are ready for the VIP group, then by all means please join us in the VIP group. The purpose of this page is to help you explore the differences and make the decision which is best for you.

In addition to the forum, you’ll have special access to your own VIP Resource Library in which you’ll find everything listed above in the Premier Level library plus these additional benefits of membership:

  • Recorded video interviews.
  • Priority access to live events (Ultimate Retreats, Northwoods Plunge, etc)
  • Priority access to openings in Steve Roller’s wildly popular High Performance One-on-One Coaching Engagements. Note: VIP early adopters have already been grandfathered-in as contracted.
  • Priority access to Steve’s CopyChiefing Services. Note: VIP early adopters have already been grandfathered-in as contracted.
  • In-depth information pursuant to monthly retainers, value-based pricing strategies, psychology based package pricing, results-based pricing.
  • Information about systems and processes in your business.
  • How to best use marketing and other financial metrics.
  • Much more!

Are you ready to join the VIPs?

Sheesh! I thought you’d never ask. Yes! Give Me VIP Access to Membership, Now.

The High-Roller – Business Mastery Level

At $497 per month, this is an exclusive, private club with an in-depth application process and a waiting list. This level is best suited for those business owners earning well over $100k per year.