About Steve

I originally founded Café Writer as the Copywriter Café in 2012. It was a Facebook Group and website strictly for coaching copywriters to the next level in their careers.

At that time, the business slogan was:
“High-performance coaching for aspiring copywriting rock stars.”

In the beginning, I coached copywriters on how to get clients. They were mostly one-off gigs, and it was all about becoming a better freelancer-for-hire.

That worked, but a lot of writers had a bigger vision for themselves. So did I. The conversation shifted from “how to be a better copywriter” to how to use copywriting skills to build a business.

Within a few years, I changed the direction of the Café.

The new tagline? “Where writers build profitable businesses.”

That’s what we’re all about.

And that’s why we don’t go by “Copywriter Café” here anymore. We use copywriting, of course. That’s a big part of it. But first and foremost, we’re here to build a business.

Café Writer is the place where writers build profitable businesses. Our own business, not someone else’s.

“I wish a Cafe Writer-style business was in existence back in 2004 when I made the leap into self-employment.

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in copywriting courses and events, all well spent, but I’ve always believed there were unmet needs.

That’s why I launched Cafe Writer. I designed Cafe Writer with the goal of meeting the most important unmet needs.

And to provide ‘the sweet spot’ between expensive coaching and going it all alone.

I also wish a book like The Freelancer Manifesto was available when I first started my freelance journey.

I wrote this book in three sections:

Part 1: Reality. 11 Things No One Wants to Talk About. In this section, I dispel myths, slay sacred cows, and shed light on ‘the dark side’ of freelance copywriting.

Part 2: The Bright Side. 11 Big Ideas to Overcome The Dark Side of Freelancing.

Part 3: Your Abundant Future. It’s time to create your abundant future. If not now, when?

Please feel free to click-around here in The Cafe, grab my book, checkout the testimonials, and get a feel for ‘the vibe’ of the community. If you like what you see, there’s more – lots more – here in Premier.

Thanks for being here.”