Café Back Room – serious business growth behind the scenes

Cut Through the Noise, Confusion, and Competition

“I’m so tired of having to switch to something new every couple years…”

Steve Roller here, and I can’t tell you how often I hear this from freelancers, copywriters, and creative professionals. All the time.

They latch on to a particular niche or service, something that seems in-demand and lucrative at the time, and get excited.

It works well for a while, until the marketplace changes or competitors rush in. Then it quickly becomes another commodity-based service. It becomes harder to stand out, and fees start going down, not up.

So, instead of building a true business, they’re on to the next hot trend, slick new system, or marketing method-of-the-month, starting over again.

It shouldn’t have to be that way. It doesn’t have to be. There’s a better way…

Ready to build a solid, long-term business? Yes, Steve. I’m in!

The other thing people admit to me (privately):

“I’m doing well, but I know I could be doing better. I feel like I’m one small tweak away from making it happen. I just don’t know what that tweak is.”

Can you relate to either scenario?

Plain and simple, we can’t operate a solo business on our own.

And the fact is, building a business in 2020 and beyond is not the same as it was a couple years ago.

The landscape, especially online, is more crowded, more confusing, and more costly than ever before.

There’s good business advice everywhere. Problem is, a lot of it is conflicting advice, causing us to question our next move and freeze up.

Or we go it alone.

No direction, no feedback, and no accountability? Not good.

There’s a better way. The Cafe Way.

Or more specifically, the Cafe Back Room Way.

“The strategies I’ve learned in the Back Room and in your emails have earned me an extra $7,500 this month – all paid in advance (and in addition to what I normally make). Naturally, I’m recommending the Back Room membership to anyone interested in learning about copywriting.”

Matt Hall, owner of, a conversion-focused web design firm

“Steve, you’ve made an incredible place with the Back Room. I’ve been a member for five months and haven’t begun to scratch the surface of all the videos, call recordings, guides, and private Back Room Rap discussion area. I’m amazed and truly thankful!”

Stephanie Gonzales, business broker summaries expert

“The Cafe was the first group I joined. I was good at writing. Six months later I’m running a business that’s grown by 1,049% since then. Steve has helped me so much, and I hope that soon I’ll be able to repay the favour to new members.”

Carl Reynolds, the top email marketing specialist in Sweden

“If you’re seeking unconventional ideas and on-the-ground practical next steps for building your business, you’re going to love the culture of the Back Room. Yes, this is my shameless plug for a valuable, dynamic, and fun community where we receive forward-thinking, action-packed business tips!”

Sharon Olson, author of Living Your Legacy: How to Change Your Story, Impact Your World, and Become a Visionary Leader

“The biggest benefit of the Back Room is the valuable advice I’ve received from Steve and other members. Learning from those who’ve been there before has helped me cut down my learning curve and move forward much faster.”

Richard Rowlands,

Since 2015, I’ve been helping creative professionals like you achieve serious business growth behind the scenes in the Cafe Back Room.

I’d love to have you join us.

I like what I’m hearing. Let’s do this, Steve!

Fact is, we can’t do this alone.

Well, you can, I suppose. But you’ll cut a lot of time off your learning curve, like Richard said, if you get help.

And time is money.

The Cafe Back Room is the behind-the-scenes place where you can get ideas, advice, encouragement, and feedback from me and others who are in the trenches and making things happen.

Not with the latest online shortcut hack (this isn’t your typical copywriting group), but with real, proven, time-tested business-building ideas.

I want to help you build a solid business foundation and develop long-term relationships, not one-off projects and one-time clients.

There’s a movement back to evergreen business ideas and values, and I’ve been leading the charge, privately and under-the-radar, in the Cafe Back Room.

“There’s a lot of truth to the saying that we’re most like the five people we surround ourselves with. Steve is one of the best people out there for helping others understand how to be prosperous in today’s economy by leveraging copywriting and marketing skills.

I’m already booked solid with more than I can handle, and I was just hired by Michigan Works to teach internet marketing to business owners. Steve has helped me out with my business more than anyone else on the planet.

Brandy Booth, owner and consultant at Michigan Business Builder

“This community is pure gold. Lots of great ideas and insights, and just one idea from here can easily pay for itself. I love all the extra resources, but this private discussion area alone is easily worth the price of admission.

Graeme Willis, retention and marketing specialist with Virgin Voyages

So, what do you get as a Cafe Back Room Member?

A Community

This is a group of sharp, interesting, intelligent, talented, and motivated people who care about you and your success. We’re in this together. The camaraderie is unlike any group I’ve ever been a part of.

We know each other online, of course, but also in real life. I’ve been a guest in members’ homes, broken bread with dozens, and met over a hundred at various events, meetups, or impromptu coffee meetings. We know each other, and we like each other.

Weekly Cafe Confidential Zoom Calls

We do these fun, lively, interactive group calls every Thursday. We’ve done over 83, and every one has at least one or two gold nuggets to help you build your business. We talk about what’s working in the trenches, now.

Resources to Build Your Business

Not your standard copywriting templates and “cheat sheets.” You can get those anywhere online.

In the Back Room you get client conversation scripts (no one else is doing it like this), a personal branding framework to help you stand out, a selling system and client acquisition system, a 40-Day program to get your business foundation situated, and much, much more.

Training Videos

We don’t just tell you how to build a business. We show you.

Whether it’s #40, 46, 53, or 59 (client conversation role play videos), #63 (the Business Blueprint), or #48 (a detailed description of my proprietary Hot 150™ system), these videos will give you everything you need to go from copywriter-for-hire or floundering freelancer-at-will to true business owner.

Private Discussions

Unlike Facebook groups, where everything is out in the open for ten thousand people to see (even in a private group), our Back Room is a bit smaller than that. So you don’t have to worry about a potential client seeing your question, or one of your competitors.

We call it the Back Room Rap, and at any given time, you can search for answers on specific problems in 15 different categories. Try doing that in a FB group. You can also post a question any time to get on-the-spot, confidential help with any business, client, or copywriting challenge you’re having.

It’s like tapping into expert help, on demand, without paying a high coaching fee.

Copy Critiques

Need a second set of eyes on some copy before you send it off to a client? Post it in the Copy Critiques section of the Back Room Rap and other members and I will give you some quick feedback.

Working on your own website or marketing materials? Same thing. We’ll give you a professional critique with specific ideas to improve it.

No watered-down peer reviewed critiques here. And don’t even think about asking your friend or family member. How are they going to help you?

A good copy critique will make you look even better to your client. Use this one benefit only once a year, and your Back Room membership pays for itself.

Live Events

Since 2013, I’ve hosted 25 in-person (not virtual) workshops or retreats all across the United States, and even one in Ecuador six years ago. These usually sell out well in advance, like a retreat I have scheduled for October 4-7, 2020, that’s already full.

There’s nothing like coming together in person to foster friendships and strong working relationships. Plus, they’re fun! Back Room Members have first shot at getting into these events.

Free, Casual Cafe Meetups

I travel a lot, and I always get together with Back Room Members wherever I go. We’ve done five or six in New York City, and starting this year I’ll be doing more out there. Most of us work by ourselves most of the time. Whether you do it with us or not, you should get out and get together with like-minded people on a regular basis.

Weekly Emails with Business-Building Advice I Don’t Share Anywhere Else

Think I post some good ideas in the free FB group? Nothing compared to what you’ll get every week in your in box.

Ciaran McEneaney said, “The public stuff is good, but the private emails are superb. So much value plus it’s like a constant friendly reminder to keep on your toes. And not necessarily from a copywriting perspective. Lots of solid business-building advice in there, too.”

And finally, as a Back Room Member, you get…


I’m here, I’m accessible, and I’ll do whatever I can to help you grow. I want to help you structure a business model you can ride for the next 5-10 years or more, instead of having to pivot every couple years.

When you join, we’ll schedule an introductory Zoom call or phone call. I do it with every new Back Room Member. Here’s what one member, Katie T., had to say about that call:

“When I signed up, I knew two things. 1) I needed a mentor. 2) Steve knew what he was doing.

But I didn’t really know what to expect. Part of me was still a little skeptical about the whole concept of this. Am I paying for someone to tell me ‘Keep at it!’?

Three weeks in, and I’ve already gotten more value than I thought I would in a year of membership.

I’ve reviewed videos and guides that caused me to rethink my business. Steve sent me his book with a hand-signed note that I read cover-to-cover in one day. I couldn’t put it down.

Then Steve and I had a “30-minute” introductory call that quickly turned into an hour and a half of vigorous note-taking.

I had planned to ask him to review a cold email, since I thought that’s all we had time for. Instead, we outlined my future business development process, rewrote the email to go with my new discovery call script, and talked high-level strategy for my services and website as part of my overall brand.

I almost feel guilty about how much value Steve is giving me. (Almost being the key word.)

Thanks, Steve, for being so generous with your Back Room Members!”

Here’s what I can tell you. One call alone could cut months or years off your learning curve, and give you ideas and advice worth ten years’ of membership fees.

Why do I do this?

Because when I do, people stay. And that’s part of the reason you don’t see me promoting this community incessantly. I only promote it three times a year: at the end of January, the end of May, and the beginning of September.”

That way I can get to know people as they come in, and schedule these calls.

My goal with the Back Room? In the coming months and years I want to help you become a recognized expert in your little corner of the world.

I have no doubt you can do it on your own.

It’ll be more fun, and quicker, if we work on it together. I promise.

I’m ready to do this, Steve. Give me the key to the Back Room!

“Signing up for Steve’s Back Room membership was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I know for a fact that his ideas have helped me win bigger and better projects, and his advice has helped steer my business to heights I wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

What’s more, he’s a great guy and I really enjoy the chance to talk about the industry and learn from his wealth of experience. Highly recommended for any copywriter (or business owner) looking to grow.”

– Ben Martin, The Word Butler, Wales, UK