This page explains the steps that you’ll need to follow in order to access and use the new discussion board and other premium features of the Café Writer website.

Who Is This Information Targeted To?

Any freelance writer who wishes to join the Café Writer community will need to follow the steps presented in this article in order to become a paying member.

Steve Roller and his site administrators are at your disposal to help you with any issues related to using the Café Writer website. But please refer to this page first if you are having trouble establishing an account.

Note: Experienced WordPress site owners and others who have used paid community sites elsewhere will find the information on this page a little elementary.

Don’t be Intimidated…

This page over-explains most aspects of the signup process. More than likely, you could stumble through it on your own and be successful.

Why Facebook?

We’re going to assume that you have a Facebook identity that you wish to use as the basis of your Café Writer user identity, in order to start your Café Writer membership.

Using Facebook to log in helps you, and makes things easier in a number of ways:

  • You don’t have to invent a user name or a password
  • You don’t have to check your email to confirm a membership.
  • Facebook even provides your current user profile picture to Café Writer, so people will know what you look like (if you choose.)

The Right Hand Side Bar on Any Page Lets You Log In.

The following image shows what the Cafe Writer site looks like when you first land on it.



Your next job is to log in with Facebook. Usually, you’d check the “Remember Me” box and click on the Facebook “F” button.


If you’re already logged into Facebook on this computer, you’ll soon be logged into the site.

There is one slight twist here: if you are not already logged into Facebook, you will see the next screen, asking you to log into Facebook first:

Window from Facebook that interrupts your login to the Cafe to log you into Facebook.

And if this is the first time you’ve logged into the Café , Facebook will next pop up a window asking you for permission to give Café Writer your basic account information: user name and email address. (This window is not shown here.)

Nothing else. (We don’t ever post on your Facebook wall.) This is a one-time question: Facebook will remember the permission you granted to Café Writer from now on.

Now, assuming you’re logged into Facebook…

Next you’ll briefly see a little blue moving bar replace the F button.


And finally you’re logged in as a non paying member.




If you’ve followed these instructions, now you will be logged into Café Writer as a new basic member.

Selecting and Paying for Premium Café Writer Membership

First of all, we assume that you’re already logged into Café Writer as a basic member. If not, follow the preceding instructions.

You don’t have to select and purchase premium membership immediately after logging in the first time. You can come back to it later as long as you’re logged in as a basic member. But all you will be able to see in the forums is the Registration and Login Help forum.

Click the button shown here in the sidebar (which you only see when you log in through Facebook):


You’ll now see this screen:

Select the Cafe membership that is right for you - screen

Click one of the three buttons labeled Select next to the level that you’d like to join. Now you’ll see this screen.  Click the Paypal Checkout button as shown below to go to Paypal to complete your purchase.

Screen showing about to check out with Paypal.

If Paypal accepts your Payment and you complete the transaction, you should have immediate access to all premium Café Writer member features. The next part will explain what you can do.

Accessing the Discussion Forum at Café Writer

Click this button in the sidebar when you’re logged in: (if the caption below the button says “Access Limited” then all you will be able to access is the Registration and Login Support forum.)


The Café Writer forums (or discussions) are set up much like those at the Warrior Forum.  Of course, the focus, the nature of the discussions, and the subject matter are all quite different.

If you’re a basic (free) Café member you will only see two forums: The Café – Social Chat which is open to anyone who logs in, and Signup, Registration and Subscription Support for member to member help with subscription issues.


Once you’re a premium member, you will see additional forums that are just for the eyes of Café Writer colleagues:


(This is just a sample of planned forums. Actual content may differ.)

Using the Café Writer Site Once You are a Member

Once you have signed up, you can simply log in with Facebook, and all member features such as our discussion boards will be available to you.

To find out if you’re logged in, just look at the menu bar. If it looks like this:

View of Cafe Writer Menu bar

You are not logged in. You should therefore click the menu item for Cafe Login/Register and log in.

If the menu bar looks like this:

Menu showing how to view your profile information


Then you are logged in, and the member areas are available to you.

Questions and Answers about Café Writer Login, Membership, and Payments

  • Q: Login problems with Facebook: I am having trouble logging in to the website with Facebook. My browser/computer gets stuck. What should I do?
    A: Do you have a different web browser on your computer where you log into Facebook? Or can you try a different computer? Please attempt to find a different computer, or change browsers (if FireFox gives you difficulty, try Chrome, or Internet Explorer, or Safari.) Once you log in with Facebook, you can proceed to your User Profile page and give yourself a password. And you can set a different email address for your Cafe account if you like. From that time on, you can then log in to Cafe Writer with the email address that Facebook knows for you, along with that new password, instead of selecting Facebook at login.
  • Q: Billing problemsHey! I paid for Café Writer…Paypal showed it going through… it doesn’t work for me. I don’t see any new discussion forums or premium content. What gives?  Or… I have a question about or problem with billing for the Cafe’. Or I would like to ask for a partial refund for overlapping fees if I choose my membership in the middle of my subscription month.
    A: First, please do NOT file a dispute with Paypal or your credit card provider. We will take care of you promptly. Email with your issue. Include your invoice number which is tied to the Paypal transaction we have on file for you. To find invoice numbers, go to the invoices page. You can click on any invoice to display its detail. Look for a line at the top of the invoice page that looks like Invoice #2AA9E39271 on 03/31/2015 (for example) and copy and paste it into your email.
  • Q: What do you permit for a member name or identity in the Cafe? Can we have avatars and special handles instead of names?
    A: Because we are a community of freelancers doing real business, we rely on mutual trust and discretion in all forum discussions. That means that everyone identify themselves to the group. We ask that you use your real name in the community and not a pseudonym or an anonymous handle. (Only exceptions are moderator or admin roles which may be shown as just a title.) You may keep your location and/or your email address, Facebook identity, etc. private if you prefer, and you need not have a profile photo.
  • Q: How do I cancel my Café Writer membership?
    A: We prefer that you didn’t, of course. 😀 but if you need to cancel, please proceed to Your Café Account page and scroll all of the way to the bottom. There will be a button labeled CANCEL YOUR CAFE MEMBERSHIP just below the UPDATE PROFILE button.