Ultimate Writing Retreat Chicago
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Ultimate Writing Retreat Chicago

Yowza! I’m getting completely stoked about the upcoming Chicago Ultimate Writing Retreat™, June 19-22. The Chicago retreat’s theme is “Make Big Plans” based on a quote by Daniel Burnham, principle architect of the city of Chicago.

Do you have big writing plans? Is this the year you’re finally going to knock out that book? Ready to take things to the next level with your copywriting business?

My meeting planner/assistant/comedy writer extraordinaire just updated me …

Besides our “creative instigator” guest speaker and some brilliant sessions (if I do say so myself) on harnessing your inner story teller, the art of selling and positioning to get paid what you’re worth, offbeat steps to becoming an in-demand copywriter, and a plan and follow-up accountability (included) to knock out your book within 60 days of the retreat, you’ll get to experience …

* The most influential and prolific comedy theatre in the world

* The Magnificent Mile, a destination in itself

* World-famous art and architecture, which we’ll be sampling for enjoyment and writing inspiration

* and much, much more

Ready for some big plans and a big year? Join me and fellow big-thinking writers at the Chicago Ultimate Writing Retreat™, June 19-22. Register at copywritercafe.com/writing-retreats/

More details coming soon.

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