Copy Critiques

When You Need to Impress, Don’t Leave It to Chance

“Help! I’m too close to my own work. I need objective feedback.”

Not sure if your copy hits the mark?

Are you willing to risk it? Turn it in to your client as is and find out. Or…

Get help.

Even the best copywriters doubt themselves sometimes. They question their own ideas, copy, and strategy.

We can’t work in a vacuum.

“This is FANTASTIC, Steve. Thank you so much! I really needed your help (obviously). With these changes, the page will be so much stronger. So glad to have found your critiquing services!”

– Tara Waechter, natural health copywriter at, Fairfield, CT

Copy Critiques

Problem is, most of us do work alone…

We work for our clients, and if we’re not in-house or working for an agency, we’re on our own.

Not good.

Where do you get unbiased, detailed, professional feedback?

Peers are usually too busy.

Friends usually aren’t qualified, or they’re too nice to be constructive.

Most really good copywriters don’t even offer copy critiques.

I do.

“The value of getting an outsider – a great one – is the main thing for me. It doesn’t matter how good of a writer we are, we get in our own way. That’s why I love working with Steve, he’s that outsider view. The value of that is immense.

Steve’s eyes have been some of the most valuable ones, ever.”

– Will Wegert, Denver, CO

Copy Critiques

Want to impress your client? More than usual?

Get another talented copywriter to critique your copy.

I’ll catch things you missed, sharpen and polish the copy, and tighten it up.

More than anything, I’ll help you improve the positioning and persuasiveness, which boosts conversions. And that always makes the client happy.

It’s a small price to pay to look really good. Your client will think you’re the best, and they’ll never know you got help.

My Copy Critiques promise to you:

  • Improved copy
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Fresh ideas you may have missed

Bottom line: You get to partner with a 14-year pro copywriter at a fraction of what your client is paying you. And you get peace of mind knowing you’re delivering the best copy possible.

My Copy Critiques service is a good fit if you need a polished final touch, if your client is paying you $500-2,500 for the project, and if you want to improve your chances of retaining the client long-term.

If it’s a bigger project ($2,500 or more) or there’s more on the line, see my Stretch Project service.

If you need ongoing help, check out options at Straight Shot Coaching.

“Steve is like an old star. Quietly burning but with years of passion and wisdom to share. He is very patient and very generous with his time and advice.

If you are looking for a big idea or just need help getting over a project stumbling block, Steve will give you what you need in gold.”

– Rae Robinson, copywriter at Stansberry Research, Baltimore, MD

Copy Critiques

After you submit payment, send me your copywriting project, either in Word or Google Docs. Use both and

Questions? Call me at 608-628-2865.

I look forward to working with you.

~ Steve