Can you write a good sales letter?

I need your help!

My Ultimate Writing Retreat™ is coming to Chicago June 19-22, 2013, and I’d like to pay for your registration for it (a minimum $687 value.) 

Interested? Read on …

I know we have a super-talented group of writers here in the Copywriter Café, and I’d like to see what you can come up with.

Here’s what I need:

  • A solid sales letter that brings 12 people to the Ultimate Writing Retreat™ in Chicago (a few spots are already reserved – maximum for this retreat will be 15 people.)
  • Sales copy only. I’ll use it as a landing page, and I’ll create the formatting, layout, and graphics. All I need you to do is write the copy.
  • A Big Idea. You can follow my lead that I used for the Santa Fe retreat (see or I’m always open to something new.

Read more about the Ultimate Writing Retreat™ here: to find out why I’m calling this “Your most productive three days of writing ever. Guaranteed.”

The payoff for you …

I’ll choose one letter to promote the event, but everyone who submits an entry will get something.

First place: A FREE Chicago Ultimate Writing Retreat™ (minimum $687 value)! 

Second place: $500 off the Chicago retreat.

Third place: $300 off the Chicago retreat.

If your letter doesn’t make the top three, you will still receive $100 off the cost of any future retreat (I can’t guarantee a spot at the Chicago retreat.)

You’ll also get another sample for your portfolio, and put yourself at the head of the line the next time I need to hire a copywriter.

Copywriter guidelines:

  1. Please submit a Word document to me by April 24. I’ll make my decision and announce winners by April 28.
  2. Don’t worry about the details of the hotel or side excursions. I’ll have the location secured before April 24, but I’ll add that later. Feel free to research fun activities, however, and include details on those.
  3. Length is up to you. It could be anywhere from 600-2,400 words (my Santa Fe landing page is right at 2,400 words. Yours could be a lot less.) The important things are the usual elements: A good headline and lead, a Big Idea, AWAI’s 4 P’s©, and of course, a call to action.
  4. I reserve the right to use any copy as I see fit, and will make any edits and revisions myself. I won’t give feedback on these either (unless you’re an Espresso Member and request it.)

I’m excited to see what you come up with, and I’m completely stoked to host the Ultimate Writing Retreat™ in Chicago June 19-22, 2013! I have been working hard on creating valuable content and developing what I believe will be an experience that will pay huge dividends for you this year.

Chicago is my stomping grounds (I’ve lived within two hours of Chicago my entire life, and get there often on weekends), so in addition to putting on a great writing retreat, I’ll be playing master host and tour guide. Summer in the Windy City is absolutely amazing (the rest of the year is another story.)

Any questions about this sales letter contest or the Chicago retreat? Email me at or call me at 608-628-2865.

Thanks for your participation, and hope to see you in Chicago!