Frequently Asked Questions

Is this copywriting coaching?

Yes and no. The Café Writer community shows you how to use writing and copywriting to build a profitable business. We have a lot of training materials and resources to help you get better at copywriting.

Is it copywriting training per se, to help you become an A-list copywriter? No.

That’s for the 1% (or less) of copywriters who aspire to be a high-paid copywriter-for-hire for the big companies who only hire A-listers. It takes years of practice and apprenticeship, and tens of thousands of dollars, for that kind of training.

Most copywriters don’t need or want that. They want to find good clients who pay good money to help them get customers.

More important, most copywriters want to build their own business, not someone else’s. That’s what we help you do here.

Can I get feedback on my copy here?

Yes! This I one of the most valuable perks of Café Writer membership. High-quality, professional, detailed copy critiques are included free. Members help members in the Private Discussion Board, where you can post your copy for feedback and fresh ideas.

Where else can you get that for only $47/month? Nowhere.

We can’t work in a vacuum. We all need feedback on our work, but who wants to pay a hundred bucks or more every time you need a good copy critique?

Get top-notch feedback on your own copy or client work. This is private, so clients won’t see it like they might in a big Facebook group, or a private membership site that’s aimed at both copywriters and clients.

Café Writer is not for clients, it’s for us. Either way, we’ll make your copy (and you) look good, which puts money in your pocket.

How is this different?

First and foremost, the Café Writer community is all about helping you build a business.

We don’t sit around discussing headlines to death, analyzing lines of copy, or hero-worshiping old or dead white guy copywriting legends.

Sure, we’ll give you feedback and help you get better (see “Can I get feedback on my copy here?” above), but this isn’t all “copy, copy, copy” like some sites.

Copywriting is a means to an end.

Our aim is to get you to that end – a profitable, sustainable, long-term business.

We’re also a little more fun than other groups. We get the job done without taking ourselves too seriously. We’re fun and chill, not intense. No chest-beating or bro’-talk competitiveness here.

One last thing. We’re not just an online community. A lot of us actually hang out in real life, too! Imagine that.

We’re not some hacker internet group that sprouted up overnight like so many out there. The Café has been building since 2012. We’ve had over a dozen live events since then, and hundreds of informal, in-person meetups all over the world.

This is a fun, friendly, helpful group of professionals who really like each other, and we always welcome new members into the family.

Where’s the free stuff?!

Good question. You can get tons of great business-building ideas on the blog, and more are being added all the time.

Café Writer emails go out twice a week with fresh, proven, (and sometimes offbeat) ideas for getting clients, growing your business, and keeping up with industry trends. Get on the list by grabbing The Last Pricing Guide You’ll Ever Need.

We’ll give you lots of free information, but information alone won’t help you build your business. It’s the implementation and ongoing operation that counts.

That’s what the Café Writer community is all about – helping you take action and profit from these ideas, not just learn them.

Any street cred, Steve?

Another good question! Full-time since 2009, I’ve written copy for some of the biggest names in the direct response marketing world: Dan Kennedy, AWAI, Mark Everett Johnson, Lee Bellinger, and many others.

Before that I had a successful career in direct sales for 17 years. Sales and copywriting is in my blood, and I’m good at both.

This isn’t top-down, guru-led teaching from the mountaintop, though. And this isn’t re-hashed advice that worked 10 or 20 years ago. I’m in the trenches, day after day, like you. I know what it takes, today, to do well in this ultra-competitive New Economy.

I’ve worked with thousands of copywriters, helping them figure out their deal and succeed. I’ve been on the stage speaking at events for copywriters in New York, Chicago, Austin, Delray Beach, and many other places. My book, The Freelancer Manifesto: 11 Big Ideas to Stand Out and Thrive in the New Economy, is getting rave reviews.

I can say all kinds of great things about myself, of course. For a more objective view, read what others have to say on Amazon, in the testimonials here, or if you Google my name. Most of what you read about me is true.

Is this for me?

Simple answer: If you want to get better clients and make more money, yes.

If you want to go beyond being a copywriter-for-hire, absolutely.

Beginner, intermediate, or experienced pro – the Café is for anyone who wants to not only improve their skills, but also build a business. A business you can someday sell, if you choose, or have someone else run for you (while you cash the checks).

That’s how we’re different than all the other copywriting and writing groups.

If your main goal is to become a better writer, buy a few books on Amazon and write like crazy. You don’t need the Café.

If you have an idea you want to turn into a business? Stick around.

Can I take a “test-drive”?

For sure. We have two options, monthly and annual. Try it for 30 days, use all the resources, jump into the training materials. Get some answers in the Private Discussion Board, or get some feedback on anything you’re working on. Catch the vibe, and get to know us.

If it’s a good fit, stick around and take advantage of this amazing community. Many of our members have been around since the beginning. If not, no worries. Check it out. It’s a $47 test-drive that could pay huge dividends.

What’s with “the Café”?

Two things. I built my business while working out of coffee shops in Verona, Wisconsin, and Quito, Ecuador. It’s where I do my best work, and I think anyone can build a business the same way.

You only need a laptop, a good idea, initiative, feedback and direction, some action, and coffee or whatever you drink.

The Café also represents a virtual hangout where enterprising writers and copywriters like us can come together, hang out, get questions answered, critique each other’s copy and ideas, and stay on track.

Not unlike the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris in the 1920s. Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and other writers gathered there daily to spur each other on. We do the same here.

Will this help me get clients?

Maybe. Depends what you do with all the information. This isn’t just a massive “library” of resources to plow through. It’s a community focused on helping you take action on the right things. Information alone won’t do that. People will.

Bottom line: How would you describe this in 50 words or less?

We help writers, business owners, and entrepreneurs like you with your positioning, marketing plan, and Personal Brand so you can stand out and thrive in the New Economy.

Then we help you create better conversations and develop authentic connections which generates more sales and builds a profitable, sustainable, long-term business.

Can I change my membership?

Yes, you can upgrade or cancel your membership any time. If you need to cancel, just let us know at or call 608-628-2865.

Upgrade options (when there are openings) are available on your membership page. Watch for details via email.

What if I need more?

Come to a Big Ideas Retreat for three days of business immersion training! It’s a business- and life-changing event like you’ve never experienced.

Café Members also have informal Café Meetups on a regular basis, all over the globe. Connect with people! Hanging out online is great. Live and in-person is even better.

Also, watch for news about the VIP level and the Café Mastermind, coming in 2018 and 2019, and the Café World Tour in 2020 to usher in the Rockin’ 20s.

Any other questions? Post in the Private Discussion Board, email, or call 608-628-2865 anytime.