This page is a resource list for any issues or questions that you might have about subscriptions to Café Writer, logging in, signing up with payments, canceling subscriptions, or making payments with Paypal.

Member Help, Tips and Advice

How to Pay for Café Writer

Common Paypal Problems

Fix Your Display Name


How to Request Help With Café Writer

  1. Check the list of help pages above to see if your general area of problem has been discussed already.
  2. First try any suggested fixes or solutions that these pages recommend.
  3. If you are still stuck, email us at
  4. When you email, please try to describe step by step what you did and what happened.  The better you can describe how the problem manifests itself, the fewer times we have to ask you for more information and the faster you will receive help.
  5. If the problem can be seen on the screen, please try to take a “screen shot” of the computer’s screen where you are experiencing the problem, if possible, and attach that image to your email message. If you don’t know how to do any of this, skip this step.

Please do not send private Facebook messages about website issues to any of the Café Writer’s individual responsible parties (such as Steve Roller, et al).

Email is a more useable format for reporting technical problems, and email also allows us to forward your question to each other in order to best help you.