How to Pay for Café Writer

Thanks for your interest in becoming a full member of the Café Writer community!

There are three ways in which you can pay for Café Writer premium membership:

  1. PayPal Subscription Through the Website (automatic payments): you simply log into the site with Facebook. Or you register a user name, email and password and log in with the user name. Then you proceed to the Membership Levels page and press the button that corresponds to the membership that you’d like. When processed by PayPal, your membership should be upgraded immediately. Your PayPal account is automatically charged every month on your joining anniversary date for the next month’s membership.
  2. Manual PayPal Payment (manual payments): if you encounter problems with paying for Café Writer as a PayPal subscription using our subscription process, you can instead pay for Café Writer manually using the “Go to the Payment Page” button below. You must prepay for at least one month and there are specific conditions that may apply. Please allow until the next business day for your membership to become active, because we set your subscription up manually at our end.
  3. Manual Payment by Check or Alternative Means: If you don’t wish to use PayPal, you can send a US bank – denominated check payable in US dollars to Café Writer’s address. Or, Café Writer may be able to accept payment through a limited set of alternative payment methods. Contact us here to ask about alternative payment methods.

How to Pay for Café Writer Manually – With PayPal

If you have PayPal, you really should first attempt to use Café Writer’s PayPal gateway to subscribe.

There are two help pages that may assist you in signing in and using PayPal.

If you have tried subscribing and you don’t wish to (or can’t) use the subscription mechanism, then you may send payment to  Café Writer manually with PayPal. Press this button to proceed.

Go to the Payment Page

The following terms apply to prepayment of Café Writer subscriptions. This explains how the payment form calculates your total amount due.

  • Minimum prepayment of 3 months for Premier membership.
  • Prepayment of less than the minimum number of months: please add $10 administration fee to your payment. (Example: one month prepayment for Premier membership would be $35.00 due.)
  • Wisconsin residents, add sales tax (currently 5.5% in 2015) to your payment.
Go to the Payment Page

How to Pay for Café Writer Manually – Without PayPal

Please calculate your payment as described above. You may email us at if you’d like us to verify your payment amount (please tell us your location, number of months and membership level.)

Please send this amount (US check only) to:

Big Ideas Publishing, LLC
590 Harvest Lane
Verona, Wisconsin 59593

If you want to pay, without using PayPal, and using non US currency, then please contact us at and inquire about wire payment.