à La Carte Menu of Services

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Copy Critiques – $60

For when you need a professional, objective review of your copy before you send it off to the client.

$60 for up to two pages, $30 per page beyond that.

 One-time coaching sessions

I love talking to Café Members, and I’d love to talk to you! It’s what I’ve been doing the longest, and most conversations lead to some kind of breakthrough, even if it’s small. Learn more about one-on-one coaching here.

Stretch Project™ Services (20% of project fee, see details below)

Have you ever thought about going after a bigger project than you’ve ever done, but weren’t 100% confident you’d be able to deliver if you got it? Ever hold back on prospecting to “play it safe” and get the easier projects? Or have you ever landed a big project and spent too much time fretting about it, over-analyzing, researching, and writing?

That’s why I offer Stretch Project™ service. I come alongside you and work with you on a project that may be a stretch on your own.

I’ll give you professional one-on-one guidance throughout the project, brainstorm copy ideas and marketing strategy with you, give you copy-specific suggestions, and provide objective copy critiques at each stage before you submit client copy.

20% of your client fee (10% up front, 10% payable upon completion of project.)

Email steve@copywritercafe.com to place your order for à la carte items at this time.