“I landed a multi-million dollar company as a client a few months after I began to study copywriting. Fortunately for me, I met Steve Roller a few days later!

Thanks to Steve’s patience, generosity, and expert guidance my new client was happy, and I gained the hope and confidence that I could become a successful copywriter. Steve is an excellent teacher with a gift for empowering the most doubtful newbie copywriter.”

~ Tanya MarCia, web copywriter and marketing strategist at Writer’s Touch

“I started my career reading Steve’s articles. Since then we’ve grown to be really good friends. His advice, insight, and wisdom about business (and life) have been invaluable to my success.

When I have a problem or question about copy, he’s one of the first ones to come to mind. Not only is he a great writer, but he’s great at helping you find your inner strength and courage (in his words) to push on. Sincerely, thanks for everything Steve!”

~ Mike Crespo, Realtor at Keller Williams

“Steve Roller reaches out to others who take him at his word when he ends a post with ‘Email if I can help.’ As one who has benefited from his expertise, I greatly appreciate his generosity of spirit.

It’s not every day a busy professional with a full life respects and responds to the concerns of a newbie ~ and sometimes it makes all the difference. Thanks, Steve!”

~ Chris Fitzgerald, Mobile J Copywriting

“Steve Roller came through for me with solid research, sound insights and valuable input for a major copywriting project of mine, involving direct-response advertising encompassing every medium: print, direct mail, internet, and broadcast.”

~ Dan S. Kennedy, Consultant/Copywriter, Best-Selling Author, No BS Series, www.NoBSBooks.com

“Steve worked with our marketing director on a number of projects, and helped us increase response. With his background in direct sales, he understands the mindset of buyers. He writes strong copy that draws people in and gets them to act. If you need to increase sales, call Steve.”

~ Eric Plantenberg, Co-Founder, Freedom Personal Development

“I turned to Steve when I needed review of a direct mail letter that HAD to convert. Even though I was on a short timeline, Steve got back to me right away. I incorporated his comments and ended up with a letter the client loved. Thank you Steve!”

~ Crystle Pishon, IT Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

“Thank you SOOOO much for all your help! My Café Writer membership and your help and coaching is worth its weight in GOLD! Thank you again!”

~ Holly Antle

“Hey Steve – Wow, it’s happened. I just got offered a project for a spec I submitted only yesterday … this is the biggest client I’ve had an opportunity to work with. I’d even call them top tier. And I’m excited. Just thought you’d like to know, as I am so grateful for your feedback on previous work of mine. I know it helped me gain the confidence and ability to land this paid assignment!”

~ Jerry Bures, freelance copywriter for self-help and natural health marketers

“Steve was easy to work with, met our deadlines, and got the results we wanted. As the president of a company, that’s what I’m looking for.”

~ Danny Gordon, President of Cornerstone Senior Services

“The Cafe Writer community is a great group of people with incredible resources. To be honest, it’s worth far more than the current monthly rate.”

~ Ciaran McEneaney, GeckoCreate.com

“Steve’s done the majority of my company’s copywriting for our internal marketing during the last 2 years, and over that time we’ve increased our number of active clients by 157% (growing from 350 active clients to 900 active clients), and nearly doubled our number of store locations (growing from 6 locations to 11 locations).

Steve’s excellent copywriting is one of the reasons we’ve been able to grow so fast, and we’ve been very fortunate that he’s been a part of our team. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

~ Matt Hedman, President at The Perfect Workout, Inc.

“Thanks for delivering, Steve. Having you as a trusted resource to bounce my thoughts off of is very helpful.”

~ Eddie Stephens, DentalCopywriter.com

Check out this video testimonial from Shawn Maus, attendee at the inaugural Ultimate Writing Retreat in Chicago…

“The connections I’ve made through the Copywriter Cafe have really been helpful. Surprisingly, the biggest thing it helped me with was a non-work-related issue a few months ago that was impacting my work life. I made a comment about it in the Cafe, and Steve read about it and reached out to me.

We chatted several times via Skype, and he was very helpful. He asked thoughtful questions, offered some personal stories of his own, and was just generally ‘there’ for me.

I was very surprised at the amount of support he gave me, given that we’d only met briefly in person once, and how he genuinely wanted to help me through my difficult time. Thanks Steve!”

~ Julia Borgini, Copywriter & Head Geek, Spacebarpress.com

“Premier Membership in Cafe Writer has helped me go from an unpaid writer, to winning my first few clients and starting my freelance journey.

Between the resources on site, copy critiques, and personalized advice, I think it represents excellent value for money.

It’s a great community to be part of, and Steve’s enthusiasm for helping writers really shines through!

For me, the biggest benefit of Cafe Writer is the valuable advice I’ve received from Steve and other members. Learning from those who’ve been there before has helped me cut down my learning curve and move forward much faster.”

~ Richard Rowlands, RichardRowlands.com

“Amazingly thorough and organized. Great professional eye, Steve helped me catch a lot of things I was just too close to see.”

~ Enmi Kendall, Co-Founder at Healthy Ventures

“Signing up to Steve’s Cafe Writer VIP membership was definitely one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I know for a fact that his ideas have helped me win bigger, better projects, and his advice has helped steer my business to heights I wouldn’t have reached otherwise. What’s more, he’s a great guy and I really enjoy the chance to talk about the industry and learn from his wealth of experience. Highly recommended for any copywriter (or business owner) looking to grow.”

~ Ben Martin, wordbutler.co.uk

“I’ve found a copywriter I’ll continue using ~ again and again!”

~ Deborah Vogel, dancer, author, master teacher, thebodyseries.com

“A few weeks ago I asked Steve Roller to help me with a first draft of my current assignment. His feedback made my jaw drop. Precise, clear, and non-judgmental. As a result, I actually submitted my first draft early to my client.”

~ Michael Hicks, copywriter

“Steve, your email today had some fantastic information (and turned me onto a brand new industry). These daily emails alone are well worth the membership fee. The copywriting critique forum also turned me onto some great (and profitable) ways I can improve my product. Looking forward to tomorrow’s message!”

~ Matt Hall, matthallwritescopy.com

“Steve’s manner is always encouraging and he has a knack for targeting your skill set with practical advice on how to capitalize on strengths. He also provides an energizing haven in his Facebook Copywriter Café.”

~ Mary K. O’Dougherty Williams

“Not only has Steve packed a boatload of excellent resources on the site, the interaction in the discussion threads by members alone is well worth the price of admission.”

~ Alan Steacy

“No matter how good of a writer you are, I don’t believe you can accurately evaluate your own work from an outside perspective when you’re smack dab in the middle of it. That’s why I love working with Steve and the Cafe. The copy critiques are invaluable.

Look, I’m a pretty good writer, but I ALWAYS have at least three writers work on every single writing project I take on for clients. The insights from the Cafe have been among the best. Signing up for the Cafe Writer membership has been well worth the investment. Even if all I had were copy critiques, my investment would STILL have paid for itself.”

~ Will Wegert, Recruitment Manager

“Within minutes of my first conversation with Steve, I felt we had been friends forever. He effortlessly transformed my copy into a polished wonder. I was so lost and overwhelmed writing a self-promotion piece that I had forgotten all the basic principles.

Steve gently and quickly helped me understand why I was getting hung up and gave some great pointers. He’s my go-to guru!”

~ Gail Coleman, freelance B2B copywriter