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Why Dan Kennedy loves copywriting

Dan Kennedy on copywriting

When Katie Yeakle of AWAI asked Dan Kennedy what he loved most about being a copywriter and enjoying The Writer’s Life, he said:

“Turning words on paper into money is endlessly fascinating.”

He added, “Personally, I like the variety: I write copy for clients in several different fields, I write copy for my own publishing businesses, I write newsletters and articles, and I write books.  Close rival to best: the autonomy.  I work where, when, how, and with whom I want.  I live the 5-minute commute.  I have enjoyed and enjoy a great deal of financial success, have built a stable of good clients, and have literally grown rich by writing.”

I first saw Dan Kennedy speak in 1995 in Milwaukee, on a panel with General Norman Schwarzkopf, Zig Ziglar, Barbara Bush, Mary Lou Retton and a few others.

That day set the wheels in motion for what was to eventually become my copywriting career. 

I had a chance to work with Dan on a project last year, bringing the experience full circle.

And I would concur with him:

“Turning words on paper into money is endlessly fascinating.”

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