The Cafe Back Room: Serious business growth behind the scenes


Just like a real, physical cafe, club, or speakeasy, we pay special attention to each new person who comes through the door.

3 things you should know:

1. I (Steve) schedule a one-on-one introduction and strategy call with you when you join. I want to make sure you get the proper attention, and get the most out of the Back Room right off the bat.

2. We’re aiming for consistent, steady growth, not massive numbers for our benefit alone.

When people join, they tend to stay for a long time. Why? Because our goal is to help you build a profitable business, and the other Back Room members and I will do everything we can in the months and years to come to help you do that.

3. I want to make sure the Back Room is a good fit for you. We’ll both know after we talk.

If it is, you’ll be off to the races, and we’ll work on growing your business, together.

If it’s not (your call), keep the bonuses, return your “key” (cancel anytime) and we’ll still be friends.

Let’s get started…

First, if you have any questions logging into the Back Room, now or down the road at any time, email me at and I’ll help you myself.

Please note the name on your PayPal/Stripe account or credit card statement will be Big Ideas Publishing, LLC, the parent company of the Back Room.

As part of your Back Room key, you will be asked for an email address, username, and password for your login to access the site. Passwords can be changed, usernames can’t, so choose a username you like that’s easy to remember.

The Back Room is temporarily closed for “remodeling.” The expected reopen date is July 1, 2022. Message if you’d like advance notice of the reopening. I look forward to showing you the new and improved Back Room then!

— Steve